Understanding Cafédomancia

The techniques used to read the future are numerous and varied. So, if you want to know your future, know all about your chances in love or on the professional level, if you do not use chiromancia or other, you can resort to coffeedomancia. What is coffeedomancia and how is it practiced? To learn all about this divinatory art, read this article.

History of coffeedomancia

Although it is difficult to put a precise date on the appearance of this prediction method, its origin may nevertheless be associated with the Asian continent. Indeed, in China and especially in Japan, tea leaves were frequently used to predict what might happen in the near future. This process was used either by lifting the teapot's hat to observe the arrangement of the tea leaves on the surface of the water (i.e. the drawing they formed, once immobilized), or by raising their arrangement in the teacup, once glued to the bottom. In the second case, the process does not begin until after the beverage has been drunk by the consultant. It was long after that this practice was extended to coffee (hence its name: coffeedomancia) and reached Europe after crossing Persia, Egypt and Turkey. This divinatory art was a great success especially in the court of Tsars. It is indeed a technique that relies on the fixation of certain natural elements in an unpredictable order and which constitute figures with their own symbolisms. It is from these figures that the future can be read.

How is coffeedomancia practiced?

To practice coffeedomancia, use an unsusset white cup, a white saucer, a white cloth or paper towel, a saucepan and a wooden spatula. You also need a spoonful of very finely ground coffee and a spoonful of crystallized sugar if possible. Before performing the ritual itself, it is important to make a wish by slightly pressing the index finger of the left hand on the bottom of the cup. Then boil water, put a dose of finely ground coffee in a container and pour the beverage into the cup. Of course, you have to make sure that the bottom of the cup is white. Once the liquid is poured, it is necessary to wait until the marc settles to the bottom. The person can then drink the contents thinking about what they want to know and then turn the cup over with the saucer. Once the bottom of the cup has dried up, the drawings can then be read and interpreted. It should be noted, however, that the preparation of coffeedomancia is done according to several techniques depending on the country.

The interpretation of coffeedomancia

To interpret the drawings inside the cup, the intuition of the interpreter is crucial. This is why, it is recommended a high concentration before and during the ritual. In general, coffeedomancia can only be effective if its prediction is made in the short term, i.e. one week to six months. But it can also go beyond that without exceeding one year. As for the symbolism of the signs, it differs from one country to another. While in some countries, for example, the boat may want to portend a trip, in others it may be a strong romantic relationship. Thus the signs are variously interpreted. In conclusion, it is a reliable method and you can use it to know your future and act accordingly.