La Dominomancie



You may already be familiar with the famous high-profile domino contests, but what you probably don't know is that dominoes can be used to predict the future. Indeed, this simple game to play is also a magnificent support of divination. It not only addresses all your concerns and concerns, but also it gives you the way forward, to solve the problems revealed during the consultation of the oracle.

Origin of divination by dominoes

When we talk about dominoes, we must already distinguish between the game and the divination by the domino or if you want it more simply the domino. It is from Asia that the domino game has its origin, from China more precisely. It was then the 20th century BC. The domino to ancestor, a particular game that was then practiced with dice. Thus the domino was played on rectangular plates made with various materials: bones, ivories, jade, wood. Very quickly, from the simple game it was, the domino became a divine medium capable of answering specific existential questions. This divinatory art was particularly appreciated in China. From the 18th century, the game spread to cafes, bars and drinking establishments. But it was not until the 19th century that the game and the divinatory practice used there spread in Europe.

The consultation of the domino

The consultation with the domino is done by draw. You should know that the domino is practiced with twenty-eight rectangular pieces. These pieces are mixed together, after spreading them on a table, with their faces well hidden. The person who consults, after a moment of concentration, will proceed to the choice of three dominoes taken with the left hand. She stands out from the crowd without discovering the hidden faces.
The first piece output, starting from the left, represents the current situation you are experiencing. The other two dominoes that came out represent the requirements for resolving the situation in question. However, a few precautions must be taken. In particular, the three sides of the pieces should not be exposed at the same time. It is always one after the other. The opposite or any error will not allow you to obtain a reliable result.

The Interpretation of the Domino's Results

The pieces of the game are each divided into two parts. On each part you will find numbers numbered from 0 to 6. They are identifiable by dots of black colors. During the consultation, several combinations can be made. The combination of two voids heralds a period that will be bad for you. 6-empty is a potential danger. 6/6, on the other hand, is a sign of a period of success. When the result is, 2-0, it is difficult to cross, but in a short time.
Two numbers 5 associates indicate a positive weather to come. When you get two digits 3, you can smile for your financial situation. The same is true when, 4 is combined with 1. But be careful! The number 3 combined with the number 0 portends a conflicting time. A result of 5 and a void means an unfavourable future. Expect some bad news. Questions of love and work will be decided by the numbers 4, 3, 5 and 6. Thus, 4, associated with 3, comforts you about love. With, the 5 combined to the 6, love is present, but not work.