Kybomancia is a divinatory art that uses dice to predict the future. In reality, dice are recognized around the world for their ability to decipher as yet unknown events. This is why they have always been used in occult rituals for their divinatory power (for example, they are used in the Tibetan oracle to draw the syllables from the mantra). So thanks to kybomancia, you can know everything about your future professional, financial, sentimental and many other things.

History and principle of kybomancia

The origin of kybomancia is far from accurate. This is indeed a practice that was already prehistory where the dice (in the shape of an osselet) were used for predictions. Similarly, the great warriors of that time used it to choose and refine their combat strategy. Although some sources lend it a Greek or Roman origin, kybomancia in its present form did not appear until much later (again, it is difficult to attribute a certain origin to it). Although this art is not really widely practiced at the moment, it has been very successful. It consists of predicting a man's future based on the risky result of a roll of the d. He provides the consultant with all the answers on all aspects of his life (family, work, friendship, love, travel, etc.). Its reliability is easily justified, as the figures often reveal the personality of an individual as well as his future. Several divinatory techniques work on the basis of numerology numbers. To practice kybomancia, it is necessary to ensure that the environment in which you wish to practice it is calm, that the surface is flat, smooth and clean. However, you can cover the surface with fabric or carpet. In this case, make sure that the fabric or carpet used is plain and unsytleced (deconcentration object) and does not affect the fall of the dice. Place the dice in a cup or dice cone. The consultant can then roll the dice or blow on it. He can do it with his bare hand or glove. The numbers that have come out will serve as the basis for the interpretation.

Interpretation of the results of kybomancia

Interpretation of the results of kybomancia differs depending on whether the consultation was done with one, two or three dice. However, it is recommended to use at least two dice to ensure that you have more precision in the vision. However, the numbers that appeared alone are not enough to interpret the results correctly, but it is also necessary and above all to take into account the aspect under which they appear at the end of the throw (for example, a de that breaks after the throw is synonymous with a bad omen or that it is not necessary that the question be asked). In a kybomancie we use two dice. In terms of interpretation, numbers 1 and 11 indicate love, 2 announces a new event, 3 dissent, disagreement, 4 means consistency, luck, 5 indicates evolution and 6 embarrassment. Number 9 portends a union, the 10th of a birth. On the other hand in a kybomancia of 3 dice, the number 11 announces the separation, the break, the 4 the occurrence of a delicate situation, annoying, the 3 a positive change and the 18 announces the success.
In the end, there is an infinite number of symbolisms in kybomancia. It all depends mainly on the context and personality of each. The practitioner's experience also counts a lot.