Divination by the African Cauris

Africa's cauris

Africa’s cauris

In Africa, especially as in some countries in Europe and South America, cauris are used to question the oracle about the future of man. This practice, which was originally unique to the peoples of West Africa, is not well known to the rest of the world, but it is a great way to better understand your past, to know your future and to receive all the advice you need to follow to improve your life.

Origin of the curies

Cauris are small shells that were used in West Africa as a bargaining chip long before these states adopted the CFA franc. Subsequently, they also served to decorate divine representations, and they became the channel through which these peoples can maintain permanent contact with their deceased. Since they are already in the afterlife, they are able to inform the living about their future, give them advice to avoid dangers, and communicate with the gods to obtain favors from humans. It is since that time that the curies are used as a true divinatory support. The effectiveness of this technique, which was originally unique to certain African ethnic groups, has greatly contributed to exporting it to other continents where it is now practiced with ease.

How to use cureds to predict the future

Each ethnic group in its own way of questioning the cursing about the future of man. However, there is a widespread method around the world to use them. The peculiarity of this method is that it allows the consultant to obtain a very precise answer (i.e. between a “yes” and a “no”). This technique consists first of all of taking four curies in both hands, mixing them, while formulating the question to which you want an answer. Then, pass them from hand to hand a number of times, making sure they end up in your right hand (it’s not about putting them in another person’s hands, but rather passing them from the right hand to the left hand and so on). Finally blow on the curies in your right hand and throw them into a circular area that you have created yourself. This area can be a space you imagined or draw on the ground. Therefore, you could decipher the message of the cauris depending on their position and the shape taken from the ground.

The interpretation of the cured

In interpreting the message delivered by the cauris, the practitioner must take into account the number of cureds open or closed once they are spread to the ground. When two cauris are opened and two closed or Elife, it means that what the consultant’s question is coming to fruition. In that case, it would be better not to ask another question. If it is the four cauris that are closed or Alafia, they indicate a positive answer to the consultant’s question. However, the practitioner must make a second draw to confirm the answer given. In this case, the same observed figure or a realized Elife would confirm the response. In addition, if three cauris are opened and only one is closed or Itagua, the answer is positive, but announces that the path remains strewn with obstacles. Patience and perseverance must be the weapons of the consultant throughout this journey. On the other hand, if three cauris are closed and only one is open Okana sode, the answer given by the cauris is of course “no”. The consultant is then advised to be careful about any type of project or to review his projects in court. Finally, if the four cauris are closed or Oyekun, it means an absolute “no.” The consultant has to abandon his project.