Guardian Angels

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One of the issues on which the three great monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) agree is the existence and intervention of the Guardian Angels. Each of these religions, however, has developed its own conception of the Angels, as well as Zoroastrim. In any case, it is a fact today that there are beings who live with us every day, accompany us throughout our lives and take us in sympathy. These cosmic beings are often ready to help us move forward and face the difficulties of life, provided we can get in touch with them and submit our demands to them. Each Angel is dedicated to a mission, has its responsibilities, its field of intervention.

Origin of Angelology

Far from being a divinatory art like any other, the angelology deals with the study of guardian angels, their names, their attributions, their hierarchies, their rituals, etc. In the Holy Books, the first traces of angels can be found in the Old Testament. They are then charged by God with various missions to men.
According to the tradition of esoteric science, each Angel is the guardian of 5 days in the year when his influence is total. Each Angel carries a divine attribution. There are 72 Guardian Angels in a total of 9 three-degree choirs.

Classification of Guardian Angels

Before you invoke the angels and ask for their intervention in your life, you must know the responsibilities of each of them. Here is the first classification of angels:

The first degree is composed:
Seraphinas: they inspire true love and help with purification and the fight against darkness.
Cherubs: You can invoke them in times of doubt, or when you need urgent advice. They are inhabited by divine wisdom.
Thrones: they are the guarantors of divine justice. You can call upon them when you feel oppressed or need justice.

The second degree is composed:
Dominations: they teach men. This choir of angels is invoked to free you from temptations, depravity and human passions.
Vertus: the angels who make up this choir give the strength and courage to go through with your projects.
Powers: You lose faith? Summon these angels.

The third degree is composed:
Principalities: they are responsible for the divine secret and ensure the respect of the divine order on Earth.
Archangels: they are the messengers of God. You probably know the Archangels of St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael.
Angels: they are considered to be the closest to men, the easiest to invoke and solicit. Guardian angels or angels companions or guides in particular belong to this category of angels.

Know, contact and work with Guardian Angels

Every man has a guardian angel who watches over him, who protects him. Although your each angel has a special attribution, your guardian angel can be called upon for all the problems you encounter in life, from the simplest to the most serious.
According to tradition, guardian angels can be contacted at any time, but their influence would be greatest on your birthday.
According to tradition, there are various techniques for contacting and soliciting the intervention of guardian angels. However, for each angel, depending on his or her responsibilities, there are specific rituals combining colors, perfumes, incense, and their own accessories to create an appropriate vibratory atmosphere for its manifestation.
If you want to get in touch with your guardian angel, you can do it yourself by praying, or seek the help of a specialist.