Metopscopy: One of the youngest divinatory arts

Women's Metoposcopy

Apart from all the methods of predicting the future that are known to many people (geomancia, encromancia, Marseille tarot, chiromancia, etc.), there are other much less known techniques, including one that can also lift the veils on your professional future, your future loves, your family life, and this, from the moles on your body. This is mettoposcopy. Deciphering this new divinatory art for men and women in this article.

Origin and practice of mettoposcopy

Metoposcopy is one of the youngest divinatory art techniques that predicts the future by analyzing the moles on the consultant's body. Indeed, moles still called freckles or birthmarks were considered bodily defects. But the ancients who saw this as a close connection between heaven and man, the universe and the body, the stars and man thought they could use it to learn more about the personality traits of the person carrying these grains. These grains, which were seen as defects, gradually revealed a charming and seductive attraction as well as a magical power, a quality, a spirit whose meaning can be understood from its location on the human body. It is this principle that has served as the basis for metoposcopy. This technique was used in Mesopotamia, Egypt, China and other parts of the world to read the future and decipher the personalities of individuals. This esoteric practice is undoubtedly the source of modern morphopsychology developed by Charles LEBRUN (1619-1690) and other sciences such as craniometrics.
The operating principle of mettoposcopy is simple. In reality, each part of the body has a precise meaning concerning both the character trait, the behavior and the destiny of the human being. The presence of a mole on one part or another of the body is significant of a direct link between nature, the universe and the person carrying this grain. Of course, the divination will not be the same depending on the size of the mole. You can practice this technique yourself at home as long as you study the map of your face according to the information given on the symbolism of the parts of the face. This information is generally available online on most travel sites.

Interpretation of mettoposcopy

The locations of moles with symbolism are quite numerous and cannot all be listed here. For the most common moles and the locations involved, here's what we can remember. Located at the root of the hair, the mole defines a person strongly attached to his family and who has difficulty asserting his independence. If it is on the front in the middle, it symbolizes instability, indecision. On the front at the top left, it refers to a burning desire to be loved and admired and indicates a great power of discernment, of realism when it is above the right eyebrow. Above the left eye, the grain describes a naïve, dreamy person while placed under the right eye, the subject is animated by balanced feelings and is of great sociability. It defines modesty, the sweetness of being when located on the right cheek, but paints a resentful person, who lacks generosity and understanding when he is at the root of the nose. Between the nose and the mouth, the grain indicates a person of a brilliant character, who has the wind in purple in business and in all areas of his life.