Divination by tea leaves

tea leaf divination

tea leaf divination

If so, you have heard correctly, it is possible to consult the future in a cup of tea. Tea leaves are plants that are given antioxidant properties. They are highly valued for their subtle taste and also intervene in the health field. Yet these are only the most well-known forms of use. Indeed, like coffeedomancia, there is a divinatory art dedicated to reading the future in the cup of tea.


The use of tea leaves as a divine medium dates back more than 2000 years. Like many other divinatory arts, it comes from China. The discovery was made around the 5th century when the Chinese interpreted the drawings reflected by the tea leaves in a cup especially at the bottom and edge of the container. Hence the other name of the divination by the tea leaves, ''tasséomancie'.'
Seen from another angle, it is the famous hit Harry Potter series that has greatly contributed to popularizing this art in recent years. Let him remember that, Sybille Trelawney, then a teacher in the series, was a follower of this practice. The use of tea leaves made him predict, to Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort, that one could not live at the same time as the other.


The consultation requires the use of Chinese or Indian tea. The teapot should be adapted with a wide white cup and a saucer of the same color. The use of divination by tea leaves allows the dating of events. It is the distance between the leaves and the cove that is the indicator. When the distance is close, it is certain that the event will occur quickly. On the other hand, the greater the distance, the longer the prediction will take to realize. In some cases, depending on the position of the leaves at the edge of the cup, the revelation may occur within a fortnight. While, made on the bottom of the cup, it can take a month. Also, while the consultation considers the left of the cove as the past, the right represents the future.
In practice, the consultant drinks the tea, leaves a bottom in the cup. Keeping the cove by the left hand, he turns the tea three times in the opposite direction to that of the clock hands. With a quick movement, he flips the cup over the saucer. For a little while, the poured contents are left to rest until the leaves dry.


The interpretation of the results is done by taking into account several elements. It may be the place where the figures appear in relation to the cup, the shape of the so-called figures. The stems of the tea leaves should also be taken into account.
Thus, the signs are related to bad luck and disappointment, when they appear at the bottom of the cup. When you find them at the edge of the cup, it's a positive sign that heralds luck. The appearance of the figures in the center indicates that you have nothing to fear.
Compared to form, the perception of a triangle is related to a sudden chance. The star predicts wealth. If you see a cloud, you are going through a period of doubt. A peaceful journey is announced by a bridge.
The stems of the leaves intervene to symbolize people. If you see long stems, they are men. The short stems are women. When the fallen stems give a curved image, it is a sign of the actual existence of enemies. The more vigorous stems indicate loyalty and service. As you have understood, the interpretation of this form of divination is not at all easy and really requires experience.