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Last modifications: August 2018.


This Privacy Policy is intended for any individual (here in after also referred to as "you") who may directly or indirectly provide Z Corp. (here in after also referred to as "us") with personal data (here in after referred to as "us"). afterwards also referred to as "personal data"). This document is primarily intended to inform you of how your personal data is processed and protected by Z Corp.

We are well aware that your personal data are yours and that it is essential to protect and process them only in accordance with the relevant regulations, in particular the European Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 -after also referred to as "RGPD").

We would like to emphasize in this Privacy Policy that Z Corp does not directly provide any clairvoyance service. We simply serve as an intermediary between you and our business partners, who are likely to meet your needs in terms of clairvoyance.

We want to be as transparent as possible in this regard, because respect for your privacy is essential. Thus, the main purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you, among other things, about:

Your personal data that Z Corp is likely to collect

The reasons why Z Corp uses / processes your personal data

Persons with whom Z Corp is likely to share your personal information

The retention periods for your personal data

The security measures put in place by Z Corp

Your rights regarding your personal data and the steps to take to exercise these rights.

Responsible for treatment

Z Corp

58 rue battant, 25000 Besançon


What type (s) of data do we collect? Why and on which legal basis (s)?

As part of our e-marketing activities, we collect or obtain personal data about you. Indeed, we obtain this personal data directly from you when you complete our various online forms.

You will find below the different categories of personal data that we process and the reasons for which we treat them (the different purposes of treatment). And finally the different legal bases that justify these personal data processing.

Please note that the mandatory nature of the information to be entered in our various forms is indicated by an asterisk. In their absence or failing to have duly completed, Z Corp. will not be able to include you in its database. Conversely, you do not have to fill in the fields without an asterisk.

Purpose: management of our e-marketing activities (lead generation)

What data?

Identification and contact details: Name / First name / Email address / Phone number / Region / Gender / IP address / Registration date / Country of residence (at registration) / Registration URL / Browser type / version of the browser / Confirmation of the validation of our Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy / Confirmation of receipt of email (s) from us.

Who is concerned ?

Why ?