Better understanding of Chiromancia



Chiromancia is a divinatory technique that dates back to a very distant time. It is used to predict the future from the handsline and has been a great success all over the world. What is the origin of this technique and how is it practiced? Understand everything about the art of predicting the future by hand in this article.

The origins of chiromancia

Composed of 'chiro' which means hand and 'mancie' which means divination, chiromancia consists of reading the future, discovering the traits of an individual's personality based on the shape of hands, fingers and especially the lines of his left hand. Its exact origin is uncertain, as it is a technique used since the ancestral periods. However, according to some researchers, chiromancia was discovered in India or China about 5,000 years ago. In China, it was a science where certain diseases related to the stomach, heart, liver, eyes, kidneys and intestines could be treated just by studying the hand features of the patient. This science then spread throughout Europe and America. It was not until much later that this technique was studied by adventure tellers who turned it into a divinatory art that could inform about the consultant's future by observing his palm in particular. In France, it is thanks to the work of Adolphe DESBAROLLES (1804-1886) that chiromancia as a divinatory art has regained its credentials. The book he published at the time was entitled "The Mysteries of the Hand Revealed and Explained."

Practice and interpretation of chiromancia

To study a hand, the chiromancien first determines the type of hand in question before first reading his different lines and observing his different fingers and mounts. However, it is important to know that the age of the consultant also comes in the form of the consultation. For example, for a consultant in his or her 30s, the reading will be on the left hand, whereas after the age of 30, the reading will be on the right hand. In addition, to properly predict the future of the consultant, it is necessary to know the types of hands, the interpretation of the types of lines, fingers and mounts.
In terms of hand types, there are mainly four. They each correspond to an element of nature: fire, air, earth and water. If the hand of the consulter is rather square with long fingers, it has an air or intellectual hand. If his palm is square with short fingers, he then has a hand of earth or practice. In the case of a rectangular hand with long fingers, it is a water or sensitive hand. If on the contrary, it is rectangular with short fingers, it is because you are in the presence of a fire or intuitive hand.
Compared to the hand lines, you need to know the three main ones: the heart line, the head line and the lifeline. However, there is a secondary line that comes up a lot. This is the line of luck.
For finger types, there is Jupiter's finger (the index finger), Venus' finger (the thumb), Apollo's finger (the ring finger), Saturn's finger (the middle finger) and Mercury's finger (the ear). These fingers derive their symbolism from the shapes they form and the spaces that exist between them. The types of mounts correspond to each type of finger and have the same names. This is the complexity of this art, because it also requires some basic notions in Astrology for a good interpretation.