The divinatory arts

What solid and sustainable project can you do based on uncertainty? Are you sure your current happiness is sustainable? To succeed in life, it is essential to know yourself well. What do you really know about your future? Finance, love, chances, work, employment, danger, risk, job and love stability, travel? What does the future hold for you? Are you destined to do your current job? Who is your ideal partner? Isn't your development elsewhere? Do you know that you can have consistent answers to all these concerns and more? Cards, hands, stars, your own handwriting, etc. contain the clues to get the answers to all your questions.

What is divinatory arts?

Divinatory arts fall into the category of practices used to interrogate and predict the future. There are several practices that have developed and perfected over the millennia all over the world, on every continent.
The medium used to predict your future or try to provide answers to your questions varies depending on the type of art of the consultant. Divination can therefore be made from milk, coffee, water, crystal ball, pendulum, curies, dominoes, various bones, animal guts, leaves, ink, salt, etc. The media are as varied as divinatory practices.

A brief historical overview

The whole history of divinatory arts is linked to the life of the great ancient civilizations. In those days, before the advent of monotheistic religions and their prophets, divination was a very common, almost mundane practice. Priests and priestesses were then approached to consult the oracle before making important decisions. Kings, emperors, lords and free men, nobles, the lower and middle classes, have thus, for centuries, tried to unravel the various mysteries by resorting to divination.
The general reason for the consultation is the knowledge of the future, the prediction of destiny. Either to avoid the misfortunes we fear, or to reassure ourselves, we were re-thinking of a soothsayer. This is the link between the living and the beyond whose symbols he knows and understands the language. He therefore questions the oracle and interprets the sentence or the directives.
Thus from Greece, Egypt, Rome, the use of divinatory art was part of everyday life. The period from prehistoric Mesopotamia to the whole 15th century was the great era of divinatory art. After monotheistic religions, the era of scientific discoveries almost buried divination for good. Science does not have the answer to all questions, especially those related to metaphysics or the future. Today, it is clear that the divinatory arts are attracting more and more interest.

Key divinatory arts

3 major classes of divinatory arts are particularly well known and practiced:
The astrological horoscope, which is a divinatory technique that considers that the Earth and everything in it, especially humans, are influenced by the movements of the planets.

Chiromancia is considered divination by the lines of the hand. This practice interprets data written on the palm of the hand. It takes into account the hand in all its aspects and shapes, types of nails, fingers, etc. These elements tell you about your personality.

Cartomancia is divination by cards. It's about using cards or card games to decipher the individual's characters. She uses attentive intuition and active listening. It can be done with ordinary cards as with specific cards. It is in this category that we find Taromancia, divination by tarot, especially the Tarot de Marseille.