The Tibetan Oracle

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I allowed myself to talk to you right now because my love life before wasn't really a cake. The solutions were not easy to find and I didn't even know what to do because everything was blurred in my ideas. For more than two years of hardship I believed that my life was nothing but ruin and desolation. But once someone I met by chance told me that I would have to be able to get by if I managed to consult on a free divinatory tarot to find the solution to my life. Before I didn't really know what to do because my life doesn't look the right way with all its problems.

My thought was as dark as the nui and I was too pessimistic to act and to want to move forward. But when I went to see this seer I could feel a little reassured because I told myself the solution should present itself well. The first consultation was not so fruitful because this seer told me things that never happened in my life.

But since it was free, I let him talk and tell me what's really going to happen and what to do in all of this. But the more days and months passed I could see some improvements in my love life, because I was able to deflect all the bad things at once. We must also know that this life should not be taken lightly so we must know that it is better to find solutions than to fall back on the same view that the situation is not always in the wrong time. I had to understand everything to realize what really happened and why everything to change for the better.