Le Carré de Mars: Everything you want to know

Your daily life seems difficult, the future does not seem more encouraging and no questions about your life remain unanswered? This may be the time for you to try the divinatory arts. Some are childishly simple, but reveal exactly what you'd like to know. Among these arts is the Square of Mars. What can we understand about this method revealing the future? How does it work? Is it reliable? Find out all about the March square by reading this post.

Definition and history of the square of Mars

The Square of Mars is a divinatory art technique that allows you to have answers regarding your future using numbers and objects. The numbers are not obtained from the throws of objects, but from the position of a silver coin thrown on the square itself. This technique is a mixture of two other divinatory arts: Numerology and Kybomancia. However, these are three distinct practices. The origin of the Square of Mars is uncertain even if it is very likely that this art took shape in Asia. Indeed, since the square of Mars is practiced based on numbers, some researchers lend it a Chinese origin. About 3,500 years ago, Chinese psychics and neophytes would have invented this technique that informs about Man and the decisions to be made in the face of certain situations both in the present and in the future. They are said to have been inspired by the ancient technique Of TheOlogy and Kybomancia (the art of predicting the future through the dice). Since then, the Mars square has been remarkably successful thanks to its simplicity and ability to produce tangible results. Moreover, its particularity is that of being both a means of reading the future and an effective tool of introspection and personal development.

The practice of the Mars square

In the form of a square-shaped tableau of figures consisting of three squares once three, the square of Mars has a total of nine squares numbered from 1 to 9. On the first line are aligned in the respective order the numbers 4, 9 and 2. On the second line (central line), the numbers 3, 5 and 7 and finally on the last line the numbers 8, 1 and 6. These numbers are aligned so that by adding them up by vertical, horizontal or diagonal, their sum always gives the number 15. To practice this technique, be sure to dispose of your square as described above. You can do it on a flat surface or on a flat, smooth support. It can be a paper or a table, the most important being the square shape of your holder and the layout of the numbers in the square. Then take a clean, round room, fill the void in yourself and focus only on the issue that concerns you. Once your maximum state of concentration is reached, launch your coin on the square of Mars and then refer to the symbolism of the number on which it fell.

Interpretation of the square of Mars

The number 1 symbolizes unity, renewal. The number 2 fertility, but also the symbol of association and opposition. Doubt may well take hold of you. The number 3 indicates multiplication. Focus on one goal and avoid being on multiple fronts at once. The number 4 marks stability. Be impassive to attack you. The number 5 expansion. Pay attention to early choices. The 6th announces the limitation, the end of trouble, the luck. The 7 means beauty and advises you a time to reflect on your current situation and your surroundings. The 8 calls for renewal and the 9 for elevation. During these times, don't hesitate to confide in yourself, look for solutions to your problems and be confident.