The Crystal Ball

crystal ball1

Divination is the art of searching for answers to hidden things, invisible to the human eye. This art is practiced through many supports such as animal bones, mineral charcoal, dice, cards, eggs, flames, coffee, and many others. Of all these supports, and the most well-known, we count the famous crystal ball. It is certainly the most high-profile divination tool. Whatever its craft, this tool, often associated with magic, has a long history.

History of the crystal ball

The crystal ball is a ball usually made of glass, but it can also be made of real or reconstituted rock crystal, or lead crystal. It has often been used to read the past, answer questions from the present and predict the future through its great hypnotic capacity. According to some authors, its origin dates back to the 10th century when practitioners of esoteric sciences were able to read the future from micro quartz crystals. But in reality, the practice comes from the druids who used it as part of the vision about 3,000 years before our era. Since those bygone times, this divinatory technique has been practiced in various parts of the world where it has enjoyed unprecedented success. The Egyptians, for example, could read the future through crystal and other large gemstones that they considered the eye of Horus. Similarly, the Celtic tribes used it at the same end 2,000 BC. The Australian Aboriginals, the Maya Tribe, the Incas of South America and the Amerindians also practiced crystal ball divination. In modern times, it was Dr. DEE (astrologer of Queen Elizabeth I) who was famous in the consultation by the crystal ball he used to enrich his prophecies. The origin of the practice of divinatory art is therefore not certain even if it is attributed to the religion of the Druids.

How do you choose your crystal ball?

The principle of the crystal ball is to absorb the different kinds of lights to draw shapes inside, present colors or show movements that are later interpreted by the consultant. The main thing to know is that crystal balls do not define the same types of reflections depending on whether they are large, small or medium. Indeed, crystal balls are of several varieties. There are glass, Murano or rock. Their power varies depending on the stone used to make it. The rock ball is more powerful and more expensive than all the others. However, regardless of size or diameter (Small: 30 to 80 mm, Medium: 80 to 100 mm, Large: 100 to 200 mm or more), make sure your ball has no stains or scratches. It is important to choose it according to the use you want to make (divination, meditation, magic, contact with other plans). Be aware, however, that a large crystal ball would be better suited for divination. For more certainty, as far as its quality is concerned, avoid buying it on the internet preferably.
How do I use your crystal ball?
Before any session, it is important to be part of your ball. See there, caress there and talk to him. Your ball should be placed on a glass, wooden or in the palm of your hand. Avoid any light contact between you and your ball. Concentrate as much as possible and start fixing the heart of your ball intensely. Only then can you begin to perceive the images you will interpret.
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