The Maya Tarots

Much of the basics of modern astrology come from the Mayan civilization, a civilization that disappeared after the Spanish invasion of Central America. And despite this disappearance, Mayan tarots remain among the most divinatory tools offered by free tarot sites online. They are a divinatory tool that connects the earth to the cosmos. This connection will allow any interested party to have clarity about their future in various areas. The tool is currently available on the Internet in Flash version.

A divinatory support with thousands of years of existence

It is difficult to talk about the history of the Mayan tarots, let alone those of the civilization that originated. The exact date of the beginning of this civilization is not known however. It could therefore not be provided with any accurate information on the date or year of the creation of the Mayan taros. Nevertheless, many of the great connoisseurs of history and divinatory art agree that the divinatory tool is closely linked to the Mayan solar calendar. For those who do not know it yet, the first date displayed on this calendar dates back to 3113 BC. J. It is therefore plausible that the Mayan tarots were created around this date if it also corresponds to the creation of the Mayan calendar.

The Maya experienced 3 different periods: the preclassical period from at least 3113 B.C. to 900 AD, the classical period between 250 and 900 AD and the postclassical period that dates from 900 AD. J.C. until the Spanish invasion. For most historians of this period, Mayan tarots date from the preclassical period.

As can be seen, Mayan tarots are among the oldest divinatory media. And despite the efforts of the Spaniards to remove all traces of the ancient civilization, they have survived to this day. Since 2000, the year of the democratization of all divinatory media, there has been a significant increase in the number of people interested in this divinatory medium. And to promote the latter, some free vision specialists have banded together to create an application of Mayan tarots. With this application, the draw is done in a few clicks and in a simpler way compared to the draw of Mayan tarots in the cabinet.