The Tarot Rapido

The Tarot Rapido deserves its name! It's an effective way to know the answer to the questions you're asking yourself about your future, in the blink of an eye! This brevity can be explained by the limited number of cards to be drawn: the consultant must draw only four cards here. In return, the questions that Tarot Rapido will answer will have to be very specific.

Discover the benefits of free love rapido tarot


As you will have understood, the Tarot Rapido is perfectly suited to the love question, because when it comes to heart history, the questions are often precise. He will be able to tell you effective information about upcoming events (marriage, birth, separation, etc.). The Tarot Rapido is also effective for financial matters, although the method of drawing varies depending on the content of your questions.

In general, it is necessary to place a card on the table that will represent the consultant. In the case of a love matter, you will be represented by the King of Hearts or the Lady of Hearts if you are married. If you are single, you will be represented by the 8th of Heart for a girl or the Valet of Heart for a young man. On the other hand, in the case of a professional question, the tile is used to represent the consultant. So we choose the equivalents in this color. In the financial field, the practice is to transpose to clover. After selecting the right card, the consultant must draw four cards from those presented to him by the seer. It will then be necessary to interpret all the maps, considering that they are addressed to us as a "phrase" consisting of four "words".

The simplicity of the Tarot Rapido makes it ideally transposable in the field of immediate free vision. It may be preferred over other forms of tarot for its simplicity and equal effectiveness in many areas. It is quite possible to use online versions, it is also an ideal bias to indulge in the benefits of the vision-tarot. Thanks to the Tarot Rapido method, the mastery of your destiny is played out in a few minutes!