The Gypsy Tarot

The Gypsy Tarot is an ancestral tool to know the surprises that the future has in store for you. Copies of 14th-century Gypsy Tarot maps have been found, but the practice appears to have been widespread as early as the 9th century. So it's one of the most traditional methods. We also know how the vision is linked in the unconscious to the story of wandering that is that of the gypsies. One of the most sacred areas of cartomancia is touched upon.

You too, try your try the free online gypsy tarot.

In the Cartomancian tradition, the gypsy tarot uses the same cards (or "arcanes") as the Marseille tarot. It allows you to answer questions about your love life, your surroundings, as well as work. It is one of the essentials of vision and is often practiced during in-office or telephone vision sessions. However, you don't have to go to a psychic to take advantage of the wise advice of cartomancia. Programs, applications and websites have been developed to capture your future in the blink of an eye. We can therefore access the expertise of a free vision, revisiting the ancestral powers in the light of new technologies. This avoids unnecessary travel and the sometimes exorbitant costs of a consultation. Not only is the Gypsy Tarot as effective online as it is in the office, but it also reveals the results more accurately. Lights often make handling errors by beating cards, which is not the case by computer. Unlike humans, the machine perfectly generates randomness while remaining sensitive to a person's flow. After brewing automatic cards, you are invited to draw three "blades" (cards) that correspond to the present, past and future. Together, they will form a message that we will then be able to analyze. The Gypsy Tarot is therefore based on a limited print. It is, in fact, a very quick way to know your future.

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