The Star of King Solomon

The Salomon Star is a drawing technique of the Tarot de Marseille. It is often used to obtain indicators on the long-term future. It will provide insight over several months from the consultation. This is one of the most realized prints, because most consultants want to see the bigger picture of their destiny. It is also important to know that its realization has protective virtues: it places you under the good star of one of the wisest kings of the Old Testament. King Solomon is mentioned in the Bible as a sovereign whose judgment was most astute. Enjoy this far-sighted energy, too!

A good reason to try the free tarot

When it comes to vision, Solomon's star is a true gateway to the future! The principle is simple: the seer proposes to the consultant seven major arcana, and taking care to remove the World from his selection. It is essential that consultant draws the cards with his left hand. It is indeed the hand of the heart, the most reliable in terms of prediction. He must then place the cards on the table to form a Star of David (one card per branch) while reserving a card for the center. So you have seven cards in all. The operation is then carried out three times to allow a total illumination of the shadow areas of your future. This provision lends itself easily to digitization, which does not alter the numerological and symbolic scope of this type of tarot. The Tarot of the Solomon Star can therefore be practiced in the form of immediate free vision. At the time of interpretation, the lighter reveals the meaning of the print, i.e. the seven groups of three cards. In fact, each group has its own meaning (past, present, future, surprises, enemies, etc.). Within its groups, the three cards should be interpreted as sentences. It is possible to interpret the draw online. Unlike some astrological processes that are based on complex techniques, Solomon's Star offers you interesting opportunities for immediate free vision in many fields (love, work, money, health, etc.). He is a true ally in understanding your future and will allow you to overcome the pitfalls of Destiny. It is therefore by knowing the vagaries of Fortune that you will find the full use of your free will.