The Cross Draw

Among the various divinations using the Marseille tarot as support is the draw in the Cross. The latter is one of the most widely used and appreciated methods in a consultation. This is explained above all by its simplicity: 4 cards are enough for the draw. They will be placed in such a way as to form a cross, which is why the print is called so. The second reason why it is so appreciated is that it is the best alternative to get an accurate answer. What is also interesting about this draw is that it allows you to get answers about the events that will take place in the very near future.

A free cross draw for a clear and immediate response

Among the online sightings offered free of charge by the clairvoyants and the sites is the draw in the Cross. This immediate free vision as the name suggests allows you to get answers on all your questions without waiting.

So if questions about your love life have been bothering you for days, months or weeks, and you'll like to get answers, a free love vision is the solution. A tarot vision using this cross draw will be able to answer you clearly and precisely. In addition, the maps are easy to interpret. The two that are placed horizontally clash, the one on the right represents something positive while the other represents all that is negative.   It represents the barriers or problems that the consultant will face. As for the two cards placed on the vertical axis, the one at the top reflects the consultant's current situation. As for the fourth placed at the bottom gives an answer to the question. A final map will be drawn, it is called synthetic arcane.

But to have a clear answer to your question, it is important to know how to ask the question. This should avoid asking two questions at once. For example, don't ask who between the two people is the right one or likes you the most. Similarly, negative questions should not be asked, as this would only distort the results.

 Indeed, in case the question is misplaced, the draw will give answers that will answer other questions or problems that still concern you.