The Astrological Wheel

Tarology is a science of predicting the events of the future to help make the right decision or make the right choice or seize all the opportunities. The tarot draw is only a transmission of information, but free to everyone to follow or not the advice of the tarologist. The Astrological Wheel is one of the most difficult prints of the tarot, because it requires a perfect mastery of astrology and tarology. The game consists of 12 blades that will represent the 12 astrological houses.

The drawing of the Astrological Wheel will allow you to know the good or bad events that will present themselves in the next 12 months and to prepare serenely for them.

Tarot draw: the meaning of the twelve blades of the astrological wheel

The field of vision is a divinatory science, but misinterpretation could lead to serious consequences in the consultant's life. In order to get the exact information from the Astrological Wheel print, it is important to know the meaning of the twelve blades in the print.

House 1: concerns the personality, the will, the state of mind of the consultant. In other words, this blade reveals its characters in relation to information about its heredity and constitution.

House 2: indicates the consultant's financial statement: property, new material acquisitions, income.

House 3: represents the close entourage, the writings, the intellectual abilities of the consultant.

House 4: represents family, home, heritage

House 5: represents pleasure, joys, passion, sentimental life, but also creation and pregnancy.

House 6: informs the professional obligations, but also the health and lifestyle of the consultant.

House 7: represents marriage, commitments, contracts and relationships

House 8: concerns sexualities, inheritances, visions that the consultant has of death.

House 9: represents philosophy, mental plan and morality but also law, travel and studies.

House 10: informs the social situation, ambitions and family on the maternal side. It also represents career and destiny.

House 11: Reveals Friendship, Projects, Relationships and Hopes

House 12: will inform the trials, the secrets. It also represents the date of a specific event in the future.

It is important to note that the tarot draw should not be done every day and that lending your tarot game is not advisable as this could have an impact on the fluid.