Divination by the Runes



You might as well know them, these magical alphabets! Runes must be understood as ancient alphabetical characters used in the Germanic, Celtic and Scandinavian territories. When exploited for their divinatory virtue, they refer to symbols that provide elements of interpretation of fate and the future. By mastering that its specialists have, runes help many humans to know and understand the meaning of their lives. They are guides in moments of doubt, and lights on future actions.

The runes in question

It was the Futhark alphabet that gave birth to these characters. These Nordic peoples used it as a divine medium to gain access to the secrets of nature and to understand mysteries. Their appearance can be located around 200 BC. Runes are made with stones. They symbolize the source and purpose of life. They are also given mystical powers because they transmit messages and awaken gifts in individuals. Their actions particularly affect the human unconscious. Through it, runes establish perceptions relationships with symbols.
Taken from another angle, these gemstones are sources of development and development of the individual at the mental level. Ruins are not just tools of vision, they offer solutions to manage present concerns. As such, they are spiritual interventions to address the problem or issue that arises.


There are a total of 25 runes divided into three Aetts, that is, families. You have, Frey's aett, Hagel's family, the tyre family. The aetts are in direct contact with the gods, each aett paying homage to a given god. Thus, three gods are to be considered during the draw. The god of fertility, of abundance, that of light, and in last position, the god of victory. It is this subdivision, in aett, that allows you to have the keys to the research, during the consultation. Because each aett has a special meaning for each individual.
The consultation of the runes is done every day to find out what the day has in store. It is also done weekly. In the first case, a stone is drawn at random and turned over to read its meaning. In the second, seven stones are drawn. From left to right, they are placed side by side. That's seven drawn, respectively on the day of the week. The symbols taken as a whole give indications of how the week will unfold.

Interpretation of some symbols

When the fehu symbol, came out in a draw, it means prosperity and health. But be careful! When this symbol comes upside down, it indicates a drop in your resources or a break with a happy situation until then. Uruz is linked to very positive circumstances. It refers to vitality, wisdom, passion. But, as always, it is depending on whether it presents itself upside down or in the place. In the first case, the outlook is bad, in the second, they're good.
The logr is a rune that suggests accepting the problems of life, before experiencing happiness. Its print takes on the sense of healing, of sensuality. Taken in place, he recommends listening to oneself. Upside down, he advises going to the company. The ingwaz symbol indicates an omen of motherhood, of future project. It's a sign of sexual power. When it is reversed or is even in place, nothing changes. It has the sense of changes of good omens to come, of fairly certain opportunities.